AstroStart 2305A Remote Starter User Manual

Continuous Mode function lets you remove the key from the ignition while leaving the engine running. This convenient
feature allows you to leave your vehicle for short periods while climate controls remain on.
To access Continuous Mode, press on the button while engine is idling (see STARTING THE
on page 8). If Turbo Mode is active, you must press a second time on the button of the
remote to set the runtime according to the preset settings.
Parking lights, engine and climate controls will remain on for the duration of the programmed
To access Continuous Mode, press on the button before removing the key from ignition when
performing the safety sequence described on page 3. See “STARTING the ENGINE“ on page 8.
Note: Do not send the stop command
if you perform sequence activated by the remote control
(Step 7) on page 3.
If Turbo Mode is on, it will be activated when the safety sequence is executed.
Remove the key, exit vehicle and lock all doors. All safety devices will remain active.
If you return to your vehicle before runtime has elapsed, just turn the key to RUN position and press the brake pedal.
(Activated at time of installation)
This mode allows the engine to be left running at idle speed for a short period of time so that the turbocharger can cool
down as recommended by certain car manufacturers.
This mode activates the continuous mode at a reduced runtime (one or two minutes according to the programming).
To activate the Turbo Mode, press on the
(2 sec.) button (refer to ‘Continuous Mode’).
For your safety, engine will not start or will stop if:
Your key is in ignition (prevent Start cycle).
Remote control sends a Stop message.
Hood is open.
Brakes are applied.
Engine is over-revving (if programmed Enable at installation).
Alarm detect intrusion.
Main switch is OFF.
Safety sequence not valid (manual transmission vehicle only - parking brake not applied, opening of door detected
while remote starter was not keeping engine running).
The main switch is usually mounted under the dashboard. It is a toggle ON/OFF switch that is
used to cancel start functions.
It does not disable other commands, which remain active (Alarm features, Locks, etc.).
When engine is running on a remote start, you can turn it off by performing a stop command.
This command also terminates panic mode and the alarm condition without disarming the security system.