AstroStart 1105U Remote Starter User Manual

Your remote control has been designed to fit the natural contours of your hands so that it is easier to use. It works off three
long-life lithium batteries.
It can control two vehicles separately. Up to four remote controls can be assigned to your vehicle. See your dealer for
replacement batteries or additional remote controls.
NOTE: The range of your remote control can be affected by a weak battery, interference from nearby metal structures, hydro
poles, or crowded parking lots.
Your remote control can transmit on two different channels, allowing control of
two separate vehicles.
Only the "Panic" command is transmitted on both channels simultaneously
(6-button remote only).
Audible (piezo) and visual (LED) confirmations are emitted with the 6-button
remote while the 5-button remote allows only visual confirmations.
To transmit a command
on channel 1, press desired
button for two seconds.
To transmit a command on channel 2, press desired button, then as soon as a
tone is heard or that the LED flashes once, release the button for a moment
then press it again and hold down for two seconds.
A command will not be executed if you do not press button long enough.
Only one command is transmitted even when a button is pressed for more than two seconds, except for the "Panic" button,
which repeats command as long as button is pressed.
The remotes shown may differ from the one(s) included in the kits.
Your remote works off three 3-volt lithium CR-2016 batteries or equivalent.
We strongly recommend that you keep a replacement set in your glove
To replace the batteries, remove screw on back of remote case, remove old
batteries and replace with new ones. Make sure that batteries point the right
way; see illustration opposite.
A pictogram in the bottom of the case shows correct battery orientation.