AstroStart 1105U Remote Starter User Manual

In Low Temperature (Sentinel) mode, system starts your engine automatically when temperature falls below a preset level.
Engine will run for programmed runtime, after which system will wait 2½ hours and then start engine again if temperature is
still below preset level.
To activate/deactivate Low Temperature mode, press
and buttons simultaneously.
When mode is activated:
Parking lights will flash 4 times, then, if temperature is below preset level, engine will start.
If temperature is above preset level, system waits until it goes below preset level before starting.
In the case of a manual transmission vehicle, the system must have detected a valid security sequence to allow the
activation of Low Temperature mode. (See "Safety sequence for manual transmission vehicles" on page 3).
If system cannot execute command (for example, hood is open), confirmation will be different (lights: 3).
When mode is deactivated:
Parking lights will flash twice to confirm that mode is deactivated. Applying brakes deactivates Low Temperature mode.
To change preset temperature at which you want your Remote Starter to start
engine, press
and buttons simultaneously (lights: 1 - 4).
Parking lights will flash from 1 to 4 times to indicate selected start temperature
(see table opposite).
If you send command when ignition has been turned on (by Remote Starter or
key), preset start temperature does not change. However, confirmation is still sent
to indicate last selection.
Press buttons and simultaneously (parking lights: 1 - 4).
Parking lights flash one to four times to indicate selected runtime (see table
If you send this command while the ignition circuits are activated (by remote or
key), runtime does not change but confirmation is sent to indicate last selection.
If Low Temperature (Sentinel) mode is already activated when this command is
sent, the command sets or indicates Low Temperature mode runtime.
Note: Runtime is doubled for a diesel engine.
A runtime of 2 minutes (4 min. for a diesel engine ) is not recommended for most vehicles unless you intend to drive off immediately after the remote start. This
selection is not available in Low Temperature mode.
Number of
Preset start
1 -5°C (23°F)
2 -15°C (5°F)
3 -20°C (-7°F)
4 -30°C (-22°F)
Number of
1 2 minutes
2 4 minutes
3 8 minutes
4 18 minutes