Altina A600 GPS Receiver User Manual

- Using Favorites (personal stored locations)
- Using History (previous destinations)
Recording and playback of journeys
Viewing modes for different needs and situations:
- 2D or 3D
- Daytime or nighttime view
- Turn-by-turn view of the route
- Driving direction of the route
Other Features
MP3 Player: playing MP3 music.
Photo Viewer
Mpeg 4 Player: playing Mpeg 4
About this Manual
This manual is divided into four major parts:
Part I Basic Operations tells you how to get your device running and
customize system settings.
Part II GPS Navigation tells you how to use the GSP navigation
Part III More Tools introduces MP3 Player and data transfer tools.
Part IV References gives guidelines on troubleshooting and
maintenance and provides the regulatory information.