Altina A600 GPS Receiver User Manual

4. Navigation Basics
In this chapter you will learn how to start GPS positioning, select origin (starting
point) and destination (end point). Then, you can begin your journey with the
navigation program to guide you down the road.
4.1 Before You Start
Before you begin navigation, you must have the right map preinstalled in your
flash card.
Inserting the Flash Card
Insert the SD/MMC card into the slot, with the connector pointing to the slot and its
label facing the front of the device.
Checking the Map Data
You can check the map data using Switch Map function. If your SD/MMC card
includes the map you need, use Switch Map function to switch to the correct map.
4.2 Starting GPS Navigation Software
1. Make sure that an SD/MMC card with map data is inserted and that either
external power is available or the battery has power.
2. Rotate the GPS antenna of your device to the horizontal position. This
allows the receiver to receive signals from the GPS satellites overhead.
NOTE: When in poor reception areas, for better signal reception, you may
choose to use an optional external antenna.
3. Press the power button on the device to start the system. If you see another
program rather than the Main screen (such as Settings, or the MP3 player),
you will need to exit that program and go back to the Main screen.