Altina A600 GPS Receiver User Manual

Before You Begin
Precautions and Notices
For your own safety, do not operate the controls of the product while
Use this product prudently. The product is intended to be used only as a
navigation aid. It is not for precise measurement of direction, distance,
location or topography.
The calculated route is for reference only. It is the users responsibility to
follow the traffic signs and local regulations along the roads.
When you get off the car, do not leave your device on the dashboard that
is subject to direct sunlight. The overheating of the battery can cause
malfunction and/or danger.
GPS is operated by the United States government, which is solely
responsible for the performance of GPS. Any change to the GPS system
can affect the accuracy of all GPS equipments.
GPS satellite signals cannot pass through solid materials (except glass).
When you are inside a tunnel or building, GPS positioning is not
A minimum of 4 GPS satellite signals is needed to determine current
GPS position. Signal reception can be affected by situations such as bad
weather or dense overhead obstacles (e.g. trees and tall buildings).
The wireless devices might interfere the reception of satellite signals and
cause the reception of the signal to be unstable. For better signal
reception, it is recommended that you use a car antenna (option).
A car holder is needed when using the device in a car. It is
recommended that you place the device in an appropriate place, so as
not to obstruct the drivers view, or deployment of airbags.
GPS Navigation Features
Electronic maps with roads, freeways, highways, railways, rivers, lakes,
points of interest, etc.
GPS positioning
Optimal route calculation and trip plan
Friendly and efficient navigation with turn-by-turn, voice, and visual
Various ways for searching a location on the map
- Using a known address
- Using a POI (point of interest)