Lowrance electronic 000-10868-001 GPS Receiver User Manual

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Display Installation | HDS Gen2 Touch Installation Manual
Bracket mounting
Place the bracket in the desired mounting location, and use a pencil
or permanent marker to mark drilling locations.
¼ Note: ensure that the chosen location has enough height to
accomodate the display tted in the bracket, and allows tilting of
the display. Also adequate space is required on both sides to allow
tightening and loosening of the knobs.
Use fasteners suited to the mounting surface material. If the material
is too thin for self tappers, reinforce it, or mount bracket with
machine screws and large washers. Use only 304 or 316 stainless
steel fasteners. Mark the screw locations using bracket as template,
and drill pilot holes.
Screw down the bracket.
Mount the display to the bracket using the knobs. Hand tighten
only. The ratchet teeth in the bracket and display case ensure a
positive grip and prevent the unit changing from the desired angle.