Lowrance electronic 000-10868-001 GPS Receiver User Manual

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Wiring | HDS Gen2 Touch Installation Manual
NMEA 0183 device connection
The HDS has a NMEA 0183 serial port, providing both an input and
output for NMEA 0183 data.
The port can be set to dierent baud rates, up to 115,200 baud. The
NMEA0183 sentences output can be individually turned on or o.
Refer to the section Supported Data / NMEA 0183 for a complete list
of sentences.
1 Data cable (combined in same plug as power cable)
2 Transmit: A (yellow), B (blue)
3 Receive: A (orange), B (green)
4 ground (shield)
¼ Note: The majority of NMEA 0183 devices communicate at 4,800
baud. AIS is a common exception, and normally transmits at 38,400