Lowrance electronic 000-10868-001 GPS Receiver User Manual

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Wiring | HDS Gen2 Touch Installation Manual
Power connection
HDS Gen2 Touch displays are designed to be powered by a 12 V DC
system. They are protected against reverse polarity, under voltage
and over voltage.
The plug of the supplied power cable has two discrete cables exiting
from it. The thickest cable provides the following:
• power into the system (Red and Black wires)
• remote turn-on for certain Navico expansion modules (Yellow wire)
1 HDS display rear (9 & 12 connector arrangement shown)
2 Power cable
3 12 V negative wire (black)
4 12 V positive wire (red) shown with fuse holder tted
5 Accessory Wake Up wire (yellow)
6 Vessel’s 12 V DC supply
Connect red to (+) DC using a 5 A fuse. Connect Black to (-) DC.
Accessory wake up
The yellow colored accessory wake up line may be used to
control the power state of Navico modules such as SonicHub,
StructureScan, and Broadband radar. This means that the modules
are turned on the moment the display is powered up.
¼ Note: Broadband radar will be put in standby, when triggered by the
accessory wake up line.
For connection, simply combine all yellow wires on a common bus
or to a single termination point.