Lowrance electronic 000-10868-001 GPS Receiver User Manual

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Wiring | HDS Gen2 Touch Installation Manual
Don’t do this Do this
Don’t make sharp bends in the
Do make drip and service loops
Don’t run cables in a way that
allows water to ow down into
the connectors
Do cable tie all cables to keep
them secure
Don’t route the data cables
in areas adjacent to radar,
transmitter, or large current
carrying cables
Do solder/crimp and insulate all
wiring connections, if extending
or shortening power or NMEA
0183 cables
Do leave room at the back to
install and remove cables
Warning: Before starting the installation, be sure to turn
electrical power o. If power is left on or turned on during the
installation, re, electrical shock, or other serious injury may occur.
Be sure that the voltage of the power supply is compatible with
the HDS Gen2 Touch display
Warning: The HDS Gen2 Touch has a voltage rating of 12 V
DC, it is not suited for use with 24V DC systems.
Warning: The positive supply wire (red) should always be
connected to (+) DC with the supplied fuse or a circuit breaker
(closest available to fuse rating).