AstroStart RS-613 Remote Starter User Manual

In Low Temperature (Sentinel) mode, system starts your engine at 2½
hour intervals, for the duration that was set during previous usage. .
Each repeated command changes the runtime to the next setting (see
To activate/deactivate Low Temperature mode press
buttons simultaneously.
Parking lights will flash according to corresponding runtime as listed in
the above table.
In the case of a manual transmission vehicle, the system must have detected a valid security sequence to allow the
activation of Low Temperature mode. (see “Safety sequence for manual transmission vehicles” on page 3).
If the system cannot execute the command (for example, security sequence not valid, hood is open), the low temperature
mode is deactivated confirmation will be different (lights: 3).
Applying brakes deactivates the Low Temperature mode.
If your vehicle is equipped with electric door locks, several functions can be operated by remote control.
These features are optional and may require purchasing additional equipment. Consult your dealer for advice.
Following systems can be controlled:
Door locks.
Trunk or hatchback release.
Interior lights.
Press the button. Doors are locked and parking light flashes once to confirm command has been received.
Parking light confirmation is sent as many times as command is repeated so you are sure that system has received the
command. Horn sounds once if option "Confirmation on 2nd lock" was set during installation.
Press the button. Doors are unlocked and parking light flashes twice to confirm command has been received.
The “Unlock“ function can be programmed and connected in such a way that the first Unlock command only unlocks the
driver's door, while a following Unlock command unlocks the other door(s).
Dome light will turn on for 30 seconds every time (optional connection during installation):
Unlock command is sent.
Engine is stopped (ignition switch).
Continuous mode is activated.
This 30-second duration is cancelled when Lock command or Trunk command is sent, brakes are applied or key is inserted
in ignition and turned to RUN position.
Setting Confirmation
Deactivated 1 blink
4 minutes 2 blinks
8 minutes 3 blinks
18 minutes 4 blinks
Timings are doubled in diesel mode