AstroStart RS-613 Remote Starter User Manual

Four different remote controls can be programmed for a given vehicle. If a fifth remote is added, the first remote is deleted.
Note: When the first code learning command is sent, all the old codes are cleared out. Therefore if you want to add a new
remote, all the old ones must be reprogrammed as well.
One or more remote transmitters can be added. To do this, programming is accessed as follows:
Open hood.
Insert key in the ignition and turn to the RUN position.
Apply the brakes once.
You now have 10 seconds to turn the key from RUN to the STOP position 3 times.
If this sequence is correctly carried out, the control module flashes parking lights (4 flashes). You may then
proceed to the next step.
Press any button on the new remote control. When access code of new remote control is memorized, the control
module will confirm with flashing parking lights (1 flash).
Repeat the above procedures for each remote control that has to be programmed (up to 4 remotes).
Apply the brakes, parking lights flashes twice to indicate that the system is no longer into learning mode.
New remote(s) is (are) now added to the system.
In order to maintain a high safety standard, proceed with the following checks every month.
Remote start your vehicle.
Open hood.
Engine should stop as soon as hood is opened.
If engine does not stop immediately, turn main switch to OFF position and leave it off until situation is rectified.
your service centre.