AstroStart RS-613 Remote Starter User Manual

Press the and buttons simultaneously (lights: 3). According to what is connected to the system; the trunk is released
or the accessory is activated
the parking lights flash three times to confirm command has been received.
The command cannot be executed if ignition key is in RUN position. In this case, parking lights flash once to confirm that
command has been received but could not be excuted.
If you are not sure you have received confirmation, repeat command. System will repeat confirmation as often as you wish.
If your vehicle is equipped with a factory installed security system and that this system is neutralized by the trunk release
command, remember to rearm it after trunk is closed ("Lock" command).
Programmable as Active or Inactive during installation.
This function locks the doors when ignition key is in RUN position, engine is running and brakes are applied. Doors are
unlocked when key is turned from RUN to OFF or when Continuous Mode is activated.
If “Unlock“ function is set to unlock only driver's door on the first command, the “Automatic Unlock“ function will unlock
driver's door only. If dome light is connected to system, it is activated when an automatic unlock occurs.
This function is : Active
Panic mode is used to attract attention if you are in difficulties.
This command will not be executed if engine is kept running by ignition key. Use the stop command to abort panic mode or
depress brake pedal.
Press and hold the
or button for at least 4 seconds. This command activates parking lights, horn, and dome light,
depending on which is connected to system, for 30 seconds.