Raymarine NMEA Multiplexer GPS Receiver User Manual

Supply voltage: 8V to 30V dc, protected against reversed
Supply protection: 0.5 A fuse
Supply connection: Minimum requirement either:
24 AWG single-strand wire.
7/0.2 multi-strand wire.
Current consumption: 70 mA maximum, with fully loaded talker ports.
Inputs: 4 x NMEA-183, galvanically isolated.
Input resistance: >800 Ohm.
Outputs: 1 x NMEA-183.
Buffers: 2 buffers of 1000 characters (NMEA In 3 and
NMEAIn 4 only).
NMEA Out: Combined data from NMEA inputs.
Speed NMEA in: 4800 baud.
Speed NMEA out: 4800 baud.
Indicators: Overflow and Data LEDs.
Dimensions: 138 x 72 x 33 mm.
Housing: Flame retardant ABS.