Raymarine NMEA Multiplexer GPS Receiver User Manual

24AWG single-strand wire.
7/0.2 multi-strand wire, i.e. 7 strands, each of 0.2 mm diame-
CAUTION: Electrical Safety
Before connecting power to the NMEA Multiplexer,
turn off the power supply.
Connect either a 24 V or 12V power supply, via a 0.5 A fuse, as
Securing cables
When you have connected all cables, use appropriate cable ties
and/or clamps to make sure the cables are physically secure and
cannot be accidentally pulled from their connectors.
Data indicator lit
A green Data LED blinks when valid NMEA data is received at the
listener ports, to indicate satisfactory connection and polarity of
the connected device. The Data LED will not blink if the input
polarity is reversed.
Overflow indicator lit
A red Overflow LED indicates a buffer overflow, i.e. that more
data is coming in than can be transmitted. When a buffer is full,
PWR +12/24V
NMEA Multiplexer
+12 V or +24 V
0 V
0.5 A fuse