Land Pride ALL SERIES Remote Starter User Manual

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Manual No. 701-075M
Before You Start
These optional assembly instructions contain only
information required to assemble the Engine Cold
Weather Kit to the Trekers. A detailed Operator’s Manual
was supplied with the Treker. Refer to the Operator’s
Manual for additional specific information especially
information relating to safety concerns. Also included in
the Operator’s Manual is important information on
operation, adjustment, troubleshooting, and
maintenance for this attachment (some manual sections
do not apply to all options).
A separate Parts Manual for replacement parts can be
purchased from your dealer or available free of charge at Have model and serial numbers
handy when placing an order.
Manual Part Numbers:
Operator’s Manual (All Series). . . . . . . . . .700-108M
Parts Manual (4200/4400 NT/ST Series). . 700-108P
Parts Manual (4210/4410 ST Series) . . . . 700-109P
General Information
The Engine Cold Weather Kits listed above are designed
to prevent or eliminate effects of carburetor icing on the
20hp Honda engine used on the Land Pride Trekers.
Carburetor icing may occur at temperatures of
45 degrees Fahrenheit and lower. Typical symptoms will
be loss of power, hard starting, engine backfiring, plug
fouling, gas in the oil or engine stalling. Applicationof this
kit will force warm air directly into the air intake filter
reducing or eliminating the icing condition and its related
symptoms. Vehicles being started at freezing
temperatures should be allowed an engine and oil warm-
up period of approximately 4-5 minutes prior to full
vehicle operation. When outdoor temperatures are
consistently above 45 degrees Fahrenheit this kit
must be removed or a noticeable power loss will
occur. If plugs have fouled andthe dipstick indicates gas
in the oiland an oil overfill condition, theoil and filter must
be changed. Do not overfill with oil or plug fouling will
likely reoccur.
When you see this symbol, the subsequent
instructions and warnings are serious - follow
without exception. Your life and the lives of
others depend on it!
Tools Required (All Trekers)
1/2” Open-end or box-end wrench
1/2” Socket and driver
Straight blade screwdriver
Instructions for Your Vehicle
These assembly instructions apply to the Engine
Cold Weather Kit for the following options listed below:
701-074A Treker 4210/4410 ST Series
701-074A Treker 4200/4400 ST Series
701-073A Treker 4200/4400 NT Series
For assembly instructionsfor your vehicle, see page4 for
4200/4400 NT Series Trekers, page 3 for 4200/4200 ST
Trekers and page 2 for 4210/4410 ST Trekers.
For a detailed parts list of each assembly kit, see the
bottom of the first page of instructions pertaining to your
vehicle. Use the list as a checklist to inventory parts
received. Please contact your local Land Pride dealer for
any missing hardware.
Further Assistance
Your dealer wants you to be satisfied with your new
Engine Cold Weather Kit. If for any reason you do not
understand any part of this manual or are not satisfied
with the service received, the following actions are
1. Discuss the matter with your dealership service
manager making sure he is aware of any problems
you may have and that he has had the opportunity to
assist you.
2. If you are still not satisfied, seek out the owner or
general manager of the dealership, explain the
problem and request assistance.
3. For further assistance write to:
Land Pride Service Department
1525 East North Street
P.O. Box 5060
Salina, Ks. 67402-5060
E-mail address
Treker 4210/4410ST, 4200/4400ST & 4200/4400NT
Manual No. 701-075M
Engine Cold Weather Kit
Assembly Instructions