Harman-Kardon GPS-810NA GPS Receiver User Manual

Quick-Start Guide
Quick-Start Guide
Video Menu
(Green Icon)
Using the Multimedia Player
Using the Multimedia Player
Source Menu Switcher
Choosing “Music” from the source menu brings up the Main Music Menu
screen. You can select music by Artist, Album, Genre, Playlist or Song, using the
appropriate button. Then, navigate through the list to choose your song.
Choosing “Video” from the source menu brings up the “Video” screen.
You can view all the video  les stored on the SD card and select one to view
by pressing that  le name.
Main Music Menu Example
Video Menu Example
Scroll Up/Down
File Name
For safety reasons, this device will cease navigation functions when the video mode is
enabled. Do not attempt to disable any safety function incorporated in this device. Any
alteration of this device may cause serious injury and shall void the warranty.
Audio Menu
(Red Icon)