Harman-Kardon GPS-810NA GPS Receiver User Manual

Quick-Start Guide
Quick-Start Guide
Problem/Symptom Possible Solution
Unit does not turn on at all Charge battery, check UNLOCK switch
Unit does not have a good GPS signal Make sure unit has a clear and
unobstructed view of the sky
Unit does not have songs/movies Requires loading to SD card
Computer sees unit as “MTP Device” Change preference in “Settings” menu
Screen is too bright or too dim Adjust in “Settings” menu or press
rotary wheel on the right side
Volume is too low for navigation
Adjust volume using rotary wheel
on the right side or adjust volume of
navigation prompts in Volume Mixer
(Settings Menu)
Output level is low or distorted when
listening to headphones or when
using the line output
Increase media player volume in
Volume Mixer (Settings Menu)
Suction cup mount is loose Reposition with moderate force
Screen is loose on mount Make sure it is securely “clicked” into
place on both the bottom and back
Unit is unresponsive, won’t power o Using a paper clip, press the reset
button on the right side of the
bottom panel
Unit does not show tra c
Check antenna connection. Activate
Unit does not  nd the Bluetooth®
phone or device
Ensure the device is enabled for
“discovery” or “pairing”.
Remote control knob is unresponsive Try pressing the top, center and right
buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds,
then turn the outer ring until the
highlight bar moves. If the control
knob is still unresponsive, try a fresh
CR2032 type battery.