Chicago Electric 38391 Automobile Battery Charger User Manual

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For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
8. When the engine is running, turn the safety switch to OFF, disconnect the
black clamp first, and return the cable to its stored position on the jumpstarter
9. Disconnect the red clamp and return the cable to its position on the system.
10. As soon as possible, recharge your Jump Start System.
To use your Jump Start System to power appliances:
1. Lift up the cover of the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle (18).
2. Insert the cigarette lighter Plug from the appliance into the Cigarette Lighter
Receptacle (18).
3. Turn the Safety Switch to the ON position to energize clamps and
Warning: When the Jumpstarter System is not in use,
always turn the Safety Switch to the OFF position. This
prevents accidental short circuits of the clamps and
connectors which could cause fire, burns, or shock.
This unit is rechargeable by using the Power Adapter (22), or by use of the Cigarette
Lighter Recharger Cord. It is recommended that the battery be kept fully charged
REV 02/00; REV 04/06
Cigarette Lighter
Socket (18)
Button (15)
Cigarette Lighter
Recharger (18)
Copper Booster
Cables (11)
Volt Meter (17)
Light Case (2)
Button Lock
Recharger Socket
Safety Switch
AC Inlet
Power Cord (36)
Note: Connections above are shown to illustrate function. Do not attempt to charge the unit
through two means at once.