Chicago Electric 38391 Automobile Battery Charger User Manual

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For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
6. 12 Volt Systems Only. Use only with vehicles and boats with 12 volt
electrical systems.
7. For emergency use only. Do not use this system in the place of a vehicle
battery. Only use to jump start your vehicle.
8. Avoid working alone. If an accident happens, an assistant can bring help.
9. Avoid electrical shock. Use extreme caution when clamping around
uninsulated conductors or bus bars. Prevent body contact with grounded
surfaces such as pipes, radiators, ranges, and cabinet enclosures when
testing voltages.
10. Keep work area clean. Cluttered areas invite injuries.
11. Avoid damaging Jumpstarter System. Use only as specified in this
12. Observe work area conditions. Do not use tool in damp or wet locations.
Don’t expose to rain. Keep work area well lighted.
13. Keep children away. Children must never be allowed in the work area. Do
not let them handle machines, tools, or extension cords.
14. Store idle equipment. When not in use, tools must be stored in a dry
location to inhibit rust. Always lock up tools and keep out of reach of
15. Do not place this unit in direct sunlight, direct heat or moisture.
16. Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry as they can be
caught in moving parts. Protective, electrically nonconductive clothes and
nonskid footwear are recommended when working. Wear restrictive hair
covering to contain long hair.
17. Use eye and ear protection. Always wear ANSI approved impact safety
18. Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. Do not
reach over or across electrical cables or frames.
19. Maintain tools with care. Inspect tool cords periodically and, if damaged,
have them repaired by an authorized technician.
20. Stay alert. Watch what you are doing, use common sense. Do not operate
any tool when you are tired.
21. Check for damaged parts. Before using any tool, any part that appears
REV 02/00; 04/05