BMW 525D Automobile User Manual

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The LED in the button flashes and a message
appears on the control display. PDC has failed.
Have the system checked.
As a precautionary measure, keep the sensors
clean and free from ice, so that they always
operate reliably. Do not spray for any length of
time with high-pressure cleaning equipment,
and keep cleaning jets at least 10 cm, approx.
4 in, away from the sensors.
PDC with optical warning*
You can have the fact that you are approaching
an object indicated on the control display.
Objects that are further away from the car will
appear on the control display before an audible
warning signal is given.
iDrive concept, see page 14.
1. Call up the start menu.
2. Press the controller to call up the menu.
3. Select "Vehicle settings" and press the
4. Select "PDC" and press the controller.
5. Select "Monitor on" and press the control-
The PDC image is switched on.
The display is shown on the control display as
soon as PDC is activated.
The setting is saved for the remote control cur-
rently in use.
System limits
PDC is no substitute for your personal
assessment of obstructions. The sensors
have certain dead areas in which objects cannot
always be detected. In addition, the identifica-
tion of objects may not be possible if the physi-
cal limits of the ultrasonic measuring principle
are exceeded, for instance with trailer noses
and hitches, and thin or wedge-shaped objects.
Low objects already indicated, such as a kerb,
may enter the sensors' dead areas before a
continuous audible signal is given. Higher, pro-
truding objects, such as ledges, may not be
detectable. Loud sound sources outside or
inside the car can drown out the PDC signal.<
Driving stability control
Your BMW has a number of systems that help
to maintain the car's stability even in adverse
driving conditions.
Anti-lock Brake System ABS
ABS prevents the wheels locking when the
brakes are applied. The car can consequently
still be steered even when the brakes are
applied hard. This increases active driving
ABS is ready to operate each time the engine is
started. Safe braking see page 124.
Cornering Brake Control CBC
When the brakes are applied while cornering
when changing lanes, the car's stability and
steering characteristics are further enhanced.
Electronic Brake Force Distribution
The system regulates the braking pressure on
the rear wheels in order to stabilise the braking
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