BMW 525D Automobile User Manual

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Arming and disarming
Whenever the car is locked or unlocked, either
with the remote control or at the door lock, the
alarm system is armed or disarmed at the same
Even when the alarm system is armed, you can
open the luggage compartment lid/tailgate by
pressing the button on the remote control,
see page 31. When you close the luggage com-
partment lid/tailgate subsequently, it will be
locked and monitored.
Opening certain national-market versions
via the door lock triggers off the alarm.<
Switching off alarm
> Unlock the car with the remote control, see
page 28, or
> Insert the remote control into the ignition as
far as it will go, see page 56.
Indicator lamp displays
> The indicator lamp beneath the inside mir-
ror flashes steadily: the system is armed.
> The indicator lamp flashes after the car has
been locked: the doors, luggage compart-
ment lid/tailgate or rear window
have not
been closed properly. Even if an item is not
closed fully, the remaining items are dead-
locked and the indicator lamp begins to
flash steadily after 10 seconds. However,
the interior movement detector is not acti-
> The indicator lamp goes out after the car
has been unlocked: no attempt was made to
tamper with the car during your absence.
> If the indicator light flashes after unlocking
until the remote control is inserted in the
ignition, but for no longer than approx.
5 minutes: an attempt was made to tamper
with the car.
Tilt alarm sensor
The car's angle is monitored. The alarm is set
off for instance if an attempt is made to steal the
car's wheels or tow it away.
Interior movement detector
Before the interior movement detector can
operate correctly, the windows and glass roof
must be closed.
Avoiding false alarms
The tilt alarm sensor and the interior movement
detector can be switched off together. This pre-
vents false alarms, e.g. in the following situa-
> In two-level garages
> When the car is being transported by auto-
> If pets are to remain inside the car
Switching off the tilt alarm sensor and
interior movement detector
Press the button on the remote control
again immediately after locking the car.
The indicator lamp comes on briefly, then con-
tinues to flash steadily. The tilt alarm sensor and
interior movement detector are switched off
until the car is next unlocked and locked.
Comfort access*
Comfort access enables you to access your car
without having to take the remote control into
your hand. It is sufficient to have the remote
control on your person, for example in a jacket
pocket. The car automatically recognises your
remote control when it is in the immediate vicin-
ity or inside the car.
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