Raymarine ST6002 GPS Receiver User Manual

Chapter 2: Advanced Operation 17
WARNING: Ensure navigation safety
Skipping a waypoint will take you straight to the next waypoint.
Check your navigation before making the turn.
What is the Waypoint Advance warning?
The SmartPilot activates the Waypoint Advance warning (NEXT WPT?) in Track
mode whenever the target waypoint name changes. This occurs when:
you select automatic acquisition by pressing track from Auto
you request waypoint advance by pressing track for 1 second in Track mode
(with SeaTalk navigators only)
the boat arrives at the target and the navigator accepts the next waypoint
you activate the Man Overboard (MOB) function (see
page 22
When the warning sounds, the SmartPilot continues on its current heading but
the bearing to the next waypoint
the direction the boat will turn to take up that bearing
How do I respond to a Waypoint Advance warning?
To respond to a Waypoint Advance warning:
check that it is safe to turn onto the new track, then press track to accept the
waypoint advance
alternatively, you can cancel the warning without accepting the waypoint
advance by pressing:
auto to continue on the same heading, or
standby to return to manual control
What happens when I get to the end of the route?
The SmartPilot displays the ROUTE COMPLETED warning when you have
reached the last waypoint on a route in Track mode.
press auto to continue on the same heading.
or press standby to return to manual control.
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