Carbine PLUS-5600 Automobile Alarm User Manual

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agents will, for the life of the vehicle and to the original purchaser, repair,
replace or refund the retail sales price of said product or any part thereof, at the option of the Magnadyne Corporation
or its authorized agents, if said product or part is found defective in materials or workmanship, when properly
connected and operating on the correct power requirements designated for the specific product. This warranty and
Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agents obligations, hereunder do not apply where the product was: damaged
while in the possession of the consumer, subjected to unreasonable or unintended use, not reasonably maintained,
utilized in commercial or industrial operation, or serviced by anyone other than Magnadyne Corporation or its
authorized agent, or where the warning seal on the product is broken or the power plugs or wires are detached from the
unit. Magnadyne Corporation or any of its authorized agents do not assume any labor costs for the removal and
reinstallation of any product found to be defective, or the cost of transportation to Magnadyne Corporation or its
authorized agents. Such costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
This warranty does not cover the cabinet, appearance items, normal wear and tear or accessories used in connection
with the product resulting from improper installation, alteration, accident, misuse, abuse or acts of nature.
This Limited Life Time Warranty applies only to the receiver section of the security system. Neither the siren,
transmitters, wire harness or any accessory item added to or used with a Remote Mobile security system are covered
by this Limited Life Time Warranty. Sirens, transmitters, wire harness or any accessory item are covered by our
standard 12 month limited warranty.
Magnadyne Corporation or its authorized agents shall not be liable to anyone for consequential or incidental
damages or claims that may arise due to failure of product to operate properly except those accorded by law.
Magnadyne's or its authorized agents liability to the repair, replacement of the product as stated above if all
conditions of the warranty are met. No expressed warranty or implied warranty is given except those set forth
herein. Magnadyne does not warrant or guarantee against break in damage or the theft of the vehicle in part or
whole, or against the loss or damage to the contents of any vehicle in which a security system is installed.
Magnadyne security systems are only a deterrent against possible theft.
This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product and for the vehicle in which it was originally
installed. This warranty is not transferable or assignable to any person or vehicle. Defective merchandise should be
returned to the original point of purchase or secondly to Magnadyne Corporation, 1111 W. Victoria Street, Compton, CA
90220. A return authorization must be obtained before sending, or merchandise may be refused.
System Maintenance:
The only maintenance that your Carbine security system requires is a periodic check of it’s operation to be
sure that all functions are operating properly. The batteries supplied with your transmitter will usually last
about 1 year. Heavier usage will shorten battery life. Reduced transmitter range is usually a sign that the
battery in the transmitter is becoming weak and should be replaced.
Note: The battery supplied with transmitter (A) will last about 1 year. The battery supplied with transmitter (B)
and (C) will last about 6 months. (Refer to the remote control transmitter drawing at the beginning of this
Battery Replacement:
Replacement batteries for your transmitter are available in most drug stores and camera shops. To replace
the battery, remove the small Phillips screw from the transmitter case and pull apart the top and bottom case
halves. Remove the battery from it’s holder. Insert the new battery in place of the old one observing the
batteries +/- polarity. Gently snap the top and bottom case halves together (DO NOT force them together) and
replace the Phillips screw (DO NOT over tighten the screw)
Replacement Transmitters:
In the event that the transmitter supplied with your Carbine security system becomes damaged or lost, return
to the installation facility that installed your security system to purchase a new one.
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