Audiovox 128-8615 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Model APS-101N
Installation Manual
Programmable Features
Select By Operating Transmitter Press Lock Button Press Unlock Button
Siren Indications 1 Chirp 2 Chirps Factory Default
1) Arming Method Passive Arm Active Arm Passive Arm
2) Ignition Control Lock/Unlock Off On Off
3) Passive Or Active Door Locks Active Passive Active
4) Single Or Double Pulse U/L Single Pulse Double Pulse Single
5) Door Lock/Unlock Pulse Duration 1 Second 3 Seconds 1 Second
6) Siren Chirps On/Off On Off On
7) Passive Rearm From Active State On Off On
To Program The Following Selectable Features:
1. Enter the vehicle and turn the ignition key to the on position.
2. Press and release the valet/override/program push button switch 3 times.
Siren Chirps Once & Led Flash Once
3. Within 3 seconds, turn the ignition off than on, you will hear short chirp followed by long chirp.
4. Press and release the valet pushbutton switch one time to access feature #1. Use transmitter buttons to
change, or press the valet pushbutton switch to advance to the next feature. Turn the ignition switch off, or allow 60 seconds of
inactivity to exit the feature program mode.
NOTE: While in the program mode, if the ignition switch is turned off, or if 60 seconds of inactivity expire the program mode will
terminate, indicated by one short and one long chirp of the siren.
Control Module :
Select a mounting location inside the passenger compartment (up behind the dash), and secure using the two screws provided. The
control module can also be secured in place using cable ties. Keep in mind that the module has the on-board Shock Sensor and should
be mounted to a fairly rigid location to insure proper operation.
Do not mount the control module in the engine compartment, as it is not waterproof. You should also avoid mounting the unit directly
onto factory installed electronic components. These components may cause RF interference, which can result in poor transmitter
range or intermittent operation.
Select a mounting location in the engine compartment that is well protected from access below the vehicle. Avoid areas near high heat
components or moving parts within the engine compartment. To prevent water retention, the flared end of the siren must be pointed
downward when mounted.
Mount the siren to the selected location using the screws and bracket provided.
Hood or Trunk Pin Switch:
A pin switch, not included, is intended for use in protecting the hood or trunk (or hatchback) of the vehicle. The switch must always
be mounted to a grounded, metal surface of the vehicle. It is important to select a location where water cannot flow or collect, and to
avoid all drip gutters on hood and trunk fender walls. Choose locations that are protected by rubber gaskets when the hood or trunk
lid is closed.
The pin switch can be mounted to a bracket, or direct mounting. Keep in mind that when properly mounted, the plunger of the pin switch
should depress at least ¼ “ when the hood or trunk lid is closed.
Dash Mounted LED:
A small red LED is included that will serve as a visual indicator of the alarm status. It should be installed in the dash, located where it
can be easily seen from outside the vehicle, yet not be distracting to the driver.