Actron CP9125 Automobile Accessories User Manual

Monitors Expanded Name
Misfire Misfire Monitor
Fuel Fuel System Monitor
Comp Comprehensive Components Monitor
Catlyst Catalyst Monitor
Htd Cat Heated Catalyst Monitor
Evap Evaporative System Monitor
Sec Air Secondary Air System Monitor
A/C Air Conditioning Refrigerant Monitor
O2 Snsr Oxygen Sensor Monitor
O2 Htr Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Status Description
Vehicle was driven enough under proper conditions to
complete the monitor.
(Incomplete) - Vehicle was not driven enough under
proper conditions to complete the monitor.
Inspection / Maintenance Monitors (I/M Monitors):
The I/M Monitors (Inspection / Maintenance) function displays
a SNAPSHOT of the operations for the Emission System.
After a specific amount of drive time (each monitor has
specific driving conditions and time required), the
computer’s “monitors” will decide if the vehicles emission
system is working correctly.
Some states MAY NOT require all monitors listed to be
“Ready” to pass the emissions test. Check with state
testing site for exact requirements. All states will fail a
vehicle that has the “MIL Light” lit at time of test.
Monitors Viewed:
Monitor Status:
Monitors may be cleared by:
Using the erase codes function.
Disconnected or discharged battery (on some vehicles.)
Computer module losing power (on some vehicles.)