Whistler 1783SE Radar Detector User Manual

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Topic Page
Model Features Summary 3 - 5
Installation 5 - 7
• Mounting Guidelines
• Windshield Mounting
• Power Connection And Fuse Replacement
Operation 7 - 15
• Compass Calibration
• Power On and Self-Test
• Setting Saver
• Feature Engaged Confirmation
• Audio Level Adjustment
• Integrated Real Voice
• Compass Mode
• Auto Quiet Mode
• Quiet Mode
• City/City 1/ City 2 Mode
• Highway Mode
• Dim/Dark Mode
• Engaging/Disengaging VG-2
• Teach/Tutorial Mode
• Option Select Mode
• Vehicle Battery Saver Mode
• Vehicle Battery Monitor
• Stay Alert Feature
• Memo Mode
Radar, Laser And VG-2 Alerts 16
• Safety Warning System™
• Speed Radar Audio/Visual Alerts
• Laser Audio/Visual Alerts
• Pulse Protection
• VG-2 Audio/Visual Alerts
• Alert Priority
Reset Features/Setting Saver 17
Troubleshooting Guide 18 - 19
Care Maintenance
Are Detectors Legal? 19
Speed Monitoring 20 - 22
• Radar Facts
• POP™ Mode
• Laser Facts
• Other Speed Detection Systems
Warranty Information 23 - 25
Specifications 25
Accessories 26
Dear Whistler Owner,
With the change in time also comes change in technol-
ogy. Radar gun manufacturers have stepped up to the
plate. The new arsenal they carry is called POP™
Mode. BEE™ III is a normal K or Ka band radar gun
detectable by most radar detectors made in the past
30 years, unless the gun is placed in POP™ Mode.
POP™ Mode allows the radar signal to travel from the
radar gun to a target and back in less than a 1/10 of a
second. A normal detector can not “see” or “detect”
this transmission because it transmits too fast for the
radar detector to see it - until now!
Whistler introduces the 1783 and 1793 with POP™
Mode detection! These units are the beginning in
total protection. With POP™ Mode detection, these
units can react fast enough to detect this new technol-
ogy. Packed with power you still have a full featured
radar detector:
VOICE MEMO RECORDER digitally records your
voice message (1793SE only).
COMPASS provides points of direction.
ALERTS are given verbally
through the detector so you do not have to take
your eyes off the road to look at the display.
TEXT DISPLAY shows laser-radar information,
VG-2 alerts, SWS messages, and detector status.
New POP™ Mode Capabilities
Even though these units are packed full of
features, they’re still very easy to use. To fully utilize
your unit to its potential, we recommend reading this
entire manual or visit our FAQ page on our web site
Note: Compass must be calibrated before use! See
Compass Calibration set-up section.
Enjoy your new Whistler and please drive safely.
The Whistler Group, Inc.