Polaris 2001 PRO X 440 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

PN 9916166 Rev 01 8/00
Printed in U.S.A.
- Drill4.5² holein instrument housing5.9² fromthe
tachometer center to the c enter of the new hole.
2001 PRO X 440 / XCF SP
- Install speedometer into left hole, placing the
cushion between the speedometer and the hood.
- Route speedometer cable through plenum
- Routespeedometer cableas illustrated. Tighten cableends.
- Using cable ties provided (3) secure cable in p laces
illustrated by a l.
Dark line indicates speedometer cable routing.
Route Cable through left
hinge hole at this point.
Route through hole in plenum
- Remove plenum.
- Relocate tachometer to right side.
- Install plenum
Install “J” retainer (PN 7080963)
using rivet (PN 7621435)
Install three “U” Clips
- Lay speedometer cable in the channel of the nosepan.
Attach with three clips as snown. Use the “J” clip and rivet to
secure the wir e to the nosepan channel where indicated.