Kawasaki FS730V Motorcycle User Manual

Page 2
ENG 11-03
Required Action in Field
Repair all eligible units including sold and
unsold units in the fi eld and unsold inventory. The
repair consists of replacing the rocker arms.
Parts Information
Kawasaki will provide the replacement parts for
the repair of all eligible rocker arm and rocker case
gaskets. Please order the required kit quantity
through the routine parts ordering system.
Replacement Kits for FDM
Kit Number Part Name Model
Qty. per
99999-0338 KIT FR, FS, FX 1
Kit Detail
Item Part Number Qty
Arm-Rocker 12016-2066 4
Gasket 11061-7083 2
Replacement Procedure
1. Confi rm that the engine model, engine
specifi cation, and engine serial number match the
“Eligible Engine Table” above before beginning the
part replacement. Only engines within the serial
number ranges listed are eligible for FDM.
Engines that have a black or white ‘DOT’ mark
(please see section 4 below) on the rocker cases
signify that the repair has been completed (No
need to repair).
Specifi cation
Serial Number
2. Follow the appropriate Service Manual
instructions to remove and replace the required
parts [12016-2066 Arm-Rocker and 11061-7083
Rocker case Gasket].
3. The original parts should be destroyed and
discarded appropriately.