Kawasaki 1700 Motorcycle User Manual

z Mount the right speaker enclosure with the supplied 6 x 30mm
screws using a reinforcement plate on each side of the trunk
face (see photo). Tighten the three screws securely but do not
z Mount the left speaker enclosure using the same method
described above.
z Reinstall the trunk liner.
o Slight trimming of the trunk liner tray may be needed to provide
clearance for the lower speaker screw.
z Route the speaker wires from the speaker enclosures to the
trunk frame cross member and secure the wires with provided
cable ties. Continue to route the wires as shown and secure
with additional cable ties.
z Connect the left speaker wire to the natural (clear) chassis
harness connector and the right speaker wire to the black
chassis connector.
z Refer to the VN1700 Voyager Owner’s Manual for setting the
front-to-rear speaker fade. The front and rear speakers can
also be turned off when using the optional helmet headsets.
Re-Install Removed Parts
z Reinstall the front and rear seats, making sure that there are no
wires pinched by the seat posts.
Please check / adjust all screws in regular intervals.
Speaker enclosures may be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap solution if needed. While the speakers
are water resistant, do not direct water streams at the speakers. Do not use hard abrasive cleaners.
© Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., June 2009