Kawasaki 1700 Motorcycle User Manual

Installation Instructions
Assembly Instructions
Description: Rear Speaker Kit Model: Vulcan 1700 Voyager
Part Number: K10400-039 Approximate
Assembly Time:
30 min.
Before you begin installation, read through the installation instructions and check to be sure all parts are
If you are in doubt as to any part of the installation, please ask your authorized Kawasaki dealer to
complete the installation. Please note that Kawasaki cannot assume any responsibility for damage
resulting from incorrect installation.
Parts List Tools Required:
Seq. Description Qty Tool Description
1. LH Speaker Enclosure 1 Scribe
Drill Motor
1/16” Drill Bit
8mm (0.315”) Drill Bit
Socket Driver
10mm Socket
2. RH Speaker Enclosure 1
3. 6x30mm Button Head Screw 6
4. Reinforcement Plate 4
5. Cable Tie 3
Installation Preparation
Parts Removal
z Set bike securely on side stand on level ground.
z Remove driver and passenger seats.
Install speaker enclosures
z Locate the speaker drilling templates on the last page of the
instructions. Remove the templates, then cut and fold as
indicated. Apply the left and right drilling templates to the
inside of the trunk as shown.
o Use tape to apply the template. Lay it next to the corner radius.
z Once the templates are correctly positioned, carefully mark the
holes with a scribe. Do not use a punch as the plastic may be
damaged. Drill pilot holes from the inside using a 1/16“ bit,
then nish drilling all six holes from the outside using an 8mm
(0.315“) bit.