Chrysler RAM 1500 Automobile User Manual

You will learn important information that will help you select the Dodge Truck that best suits your needs by
answering the following 10 questions. For additional information, see your Dodge Retailer or visit
Fill out this worksheet and review it with your sales consultant while choosing your new vehicle.
1. Will your tow vehicle be used exclusively for towing, or double as a personal or family vehicle?
2. Maximum towing ratings include a weight allowance for only the driver. How many passengers and what cargo
will you be taking while towing? __________________________________________________________________
3. How far are you going to be towing?
a. Short distances
b. Long distances
4. Under which of the following extreme conditions will you be towing?
a. Steep grades
b. Mountainous areas
c. High altitudes
d. Under extremely hot or cold temperatures
e. None of the above
5. Will you be towing in any of the following special conditions that require the added traction of an
anti-spin differential and/or four-wheel drive?
a. Off-road
b. Winter weather
c. Boat launches
d. Unfinished roads
6. How much does your boat (or any other item being towed) trailer weigh (including cargo)? _________________
7. Percentage wise, how often are you going to be towing?
a. 0-25%
b. 25-50%
c. 50-75%
d. 75-100%
8. What is the height and width of your boat (or any other item being towed) and trailer? _____________________
9. What kind of hitch does your trailer require?
a. Fifth-wheel
b. Weight-carrying (bumper hitch)
c. Weight-distributing
10. Do you plan to change your trailer during the life of the tow vehicle?
a. Yes
b. No