Audiovox APS-250 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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2 Two Button Programmable RF Transmitters ( capable of accepting 4 transmitters )
Two Channel Receiver
Anti-scan Technology
Remote Panic in all modes
Protected Valet
7 Function LED - Arm / Disarm / Zone 1 / Zone 2 / Zone 3 / Valet / Arming
Intrusion Alert with Memory
Audible Arm / Disarm / Defective Zone / Tamper Confirmation
Instant Siren Activation
Starter Disable
True Last Door Arming ( hardwire only )
Defective Zone By - Pass
Hardwire or Voltage Sense Selectable
Active or Passive Arming Selectable
Programmable Auto Lock On / Off
Programmable Auto Unlock On / Off
Programmable Door Lock Pulse Duration 1 Second / 3.5 Seconds
Programmable Active or Passive Door Locks
User Programmable Permanent Chirp Delete
On Command RF Chirp Delete from Transmitter
6 Tone Multi - Tone Siren
Additional Negative Trigger Input
RF Inhibit with ignition on
Parking Light Flasher
Plug In Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Remote Trunk Release
Remote Keyless Entry
Illuminated Entry
Multiple Vehicle Capable
Remote Starter
Remote Power Window Roll Up
Remote Garage Door Interface
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Owner’s Manual
Model APS-250
Released English only. 7-25-95.
Rev. A - Added French & Spanish. 10-11-95.
Rev. B - Added "Dual Stage" to model description; added last feature under Protection while the
system is armed. 1-22-96.
2 Button Remote Security System with
Dual Stage Shock Sensor & Starter Disable