Audiovox APS-101N Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Model APS-101N
Owners Manual
4 Button Remote Security System
Important: In order to provide you and your vehicle with the highest level of security, Having
a thorough working knowledge of your security system will afford you the highest level of
personal protection. We urge you to read this manual completely to take advantage
of all the features included with this security system.
2 Four-button Transmitters
Three Channel Code Learning Receiver
Negative Pulsed Door Lock Outputs
Selectable Single Or Double Door Lock Output Pulse
Selectable Ignition Control Door Lock/Unlock On/Off
Selectable Passive Or Active Arming
Selectable Passive Or Active Door Lock
7 Function LED Indicator
Intrusion Zone Chirp With Memory
Onboard Light Flash Relay
Negative And Positive Door Trigger Inputs
Additional Negative Trigger Input
Single Tone Siren
On-Board Multi Level Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Remote Trunk Release Vehicle Must Have Electric Trunk Release (May Require Relay)
Remote Door Lock Control Of Existing Electric Door Lock
Capable Of Operating Multiple Vehicles With Similar Audiovox Systems
Starter Inhibit Circuit, Relay Required
Remote Start Optional Module Required
Remote Window Control Optional Module Required