Audiovox AA-940 Automobile Alarm User Manual

Emergency System Override:
If in the event the transmitter becomes inoperative while the system is armed, a method of overriding the
alarm is required to allow you to start the vehicle.
To override the system without the keychain transmitter:
a) Open the vehicle door, the alarm system will sound.
b) Turn the ignition key from off to on five times ending with the key on. After 5 seconds the unit will disarm.
The two transmitters provided with your unit have a small 12 volt battery that will require
replacement if the transmitter range seems to decrease, or if the unit stops working. To
replace the battery, using a coin or flat screwdriver blade, carefully pry apart the transmitter
case top from bottom shown. Properly dispose of the discharged battery and replace with a
GP-23 or equivalent 12V battery. Carefully snap the two transmitter halves together paying
attention to proper alignment so as not to damage the LED, or transmitter printed circuit
Before returning this product to the store, please call 1-800-645-4994 for any questions you may have on
installation or customer service.