Audiovox 128-4633B Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Model APS-400
Owner’s Manual
IMPORTANT ! In order to provide the highest level of security to your vehicle, this system is
equipped with selectable manual override circuitry. It is possible that you will need to manu-
ally override your security system if the transmitter becomes lost, or inoperative due to bat-
tery failure. Reading the sections on "MANUALLY OVERRIDING YOUR SYSTEM" is neces-
sary to fully understand the procedure required to enable your vehicle in such situations. In
addition, the chart on the last page of this manual has a section for the particular features and
options installed in your vehicle as well as the override method selected. Although the de-
fault mode is "CUSTOM CODE" operation, the system can be configured for "Valet Switch"
operation. Confirm the override mode selected on the last page of this manual, and familiar-
ize yourself with the section on it's operation.
2 Three Button Programmable RF Transmitters
(capable of accepting 4 transmitters)
Three Channel Receiver
Anti Code Grabbing Technology
Selectable Manual Override Mode
Remote Panic in all modes
Protected Valet
User Programmable Manual Override Code
7 Function LED - Arm / Disarm / Zone 1 / Zone 2 / Zone 3 / Valet / Arming
Intrusion Alert with Memory
Audible Arm / Disarm / Defective Zone / Tamper Confirmation
Instant Siren Activation
Starter Disable ( Optional relay required )
Additional Engine Immobilizer Output ( optional relay required )
True Last Door Arming ( hardwire only )
Defective Zone By - Pass
Hardwire or Voltage Sense Selectable
Active or Passive Arming Selectable
Programmable Auto Lock On / Off
Programmable Auto Unlock On / Off
Programmable Door Lock Pulse Duration 1 Second / 3.5 Seconds
Programmable Active or Passive Door Locks
User Programmable Permanent Chirp Delete
On Command RF Chirp Delete from Transmitter
6 Tone Multi - Tone Siren
RF Inhibit with ignition on
Parking Light Flasher
Plug In Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Starter Disable
Remote Trunk Release ( must have electronic trunk release )
Remote Keyless Entry ( must have power door locks )
Multiple Vehicle Capable
Remote Starter
Remote Power Window Roll Up
Remote Garage Door Interface
3 Button Remote Security System
with Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Released (ENGLISH ONLY) 8-15-95.
Rev. A - Added French & Spanish. 10-11-95.
Rev. B - Revised to reflect new software -(custom code override); replaced 'code hopping' with 'anti code
grabbing'.1-31-97. Added French and Spanish .2-19-97