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May 29th, 2009 at 4:47pm

programing a new remote

for AstroStart Remote Starter 2100

had to buy new remote but dont know how to program it


  • flammewerfer
    The links above are dead, and I can't find info on AstroStart's website. After about an hour of Googling I found a site that had the manual.
    Type in "2100" in their search, it comes up (Astrostart, Astroflex 500 1100 2100 4100.pdf)

    Can someone add this manual to this website? At this time the website appears broken for this. Thanks! -Derek

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  • fzabkar
    I can't help you, but I found these manuals:

    User Manual for Series 1100 and 2100 (French & English):

    User Guide for MultiTest II

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  • mammak3412
    my 2000 merc sable has remote start and it worked fine for a while , now from a complete stop when i try to accelerate it just falls on its face. Also the check engine light is on now i checked the DTC codes and its missfiring on cylnders 1,2,4,6 but only while the vallet switch is on . Turned off the switch check engine light don't come on. Whats going on.??

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