Whistler 1710A Radar Detector User Manual

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P/N 1710A/1730A/1733/REV2,
Whistler 2003
If you have questions concerning the
operation of this Whistler product
please call:
Monday - Friday • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT
or visit our website
Please keep the receipt in a safe place.
You may register your product online
at www.whistlergroup.com. For warranty
verification purposes, a copy of your
dated store receipt must still accompany
any unit sent in for warranty work. If
the unit is returned without a dated
store receipt an out of warranty service
charge applies. Note: Your warranty
period begins at the time of purchase.
The warranty is validated only by the
dated store receipt! Now is the time to
record the serial number of the unit in
the space provided in the warranty
section of the manual.
Topic Page
Model Features Summary 3 - 8
Installation 9 - 10
Mounting Guidelines
Windshield Mounting
Power Connection And Fuse Replacement
Operation 11 - 12
Power On And Self-Test
Self-Test Mute
Feature Engaged Confirmation
Audio Level Adjustment
Auto Quiet/Quiet Modes
City Modes
Dim/Dark Modes
Engaging/Disengaging VG-2 Detection
Vehicle Battery Saver Mode
Radar, Laser And VG-2 Alerts 12 - 16
Radar Alerts
Pulse Protection
Safety Radar Audio/Visual Alerts
Laser Audio/Visual Alerts
VG-2 Audio/Visual Alerts
Alert Priority
Reset Features
Care Maintenance
Troubleshooting Guide 17
Are Detectors Legal? 18
Speed Monitoring 19 - 21
Radar Facts
Laser Facts
Other Speed Detection Systems
Warranty Information 22 - 24
Specifications 25
Accessories 26
Dear Whistler Owner,
For many of us, a vehicle is more than just transportation.
It can be a mobile office, communications or entertainment
center, or simply an expression of our personality.
Whistler products are designed to make the time you
spend in your vehicle more productive, more fulfilling,
safer, or just simply more fun. Our mission is to provide
products that improve your driving experience.
Your new Whistler laser/radar detector detects all radar,
laser and safety radar systems.
To fully acquaint yourself with the operation of your
Whistler and to better understand the differences between
detecting radar, laser and safety radar signals, we recom-
mend reading this entire manual or visit our FAQ page on
our website www.whistlergroup.com
Enjoy your Whistler and please drive safely.
The Whistler Group, Inc.
* Please note: This unit is a 1710A/1730A even
though “A” is not indicated on the unit.