Tiger PRS1-V-360 Radar Detector User Manual

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PRS1-V-360, PRS2-V, PRS3-V, PRS4-V Installation Instructions, 2 Parts
Part 1 of 2: Blinder M25 (Dual) & M45 (Quad) Laser Jammer Installation Instructions
We recommend the customer hire a qualified technician to install the Blinder M25 and M45 Laser Jammer.
INSTALLATION: The BlinderM25 should be mounted on the front of the vehicle, centered between the license plate and center of
each headlight The M45 adds two additional modules, permitting 3 laser modules in front and 1 rear, or 2 in front and 2 rear on either side
of the rear license plate. Do not look directly/indirectly into the lens of the Blinder at close range, as it emits a bright beam of light
invisible to the human eye and will cause eye damage with prolonged exposure. Install the Blinders level and horizontal with the level
device provided in the kit. A block diagram for the M25 and M45 installation are shown below.
1) Locate the ideal horizontal location for the Blinder Module (see drawing below for 2/3/4 install in front). Locate the modules
behind the grille for best, hidden view, but do not allow any physical object in front of the lens.
2) Make sure the vehicle is parked on a level surface. Install the laser modules level and pointing straight out from the vehicle. If the
grille is rounded, ensure the laser modules are pointing straight out and level. See Diagram left.
3) Use provided hardware to fix the Blinder into position. Recheck the level of each laser module before and after tightening to
position, using the yellow LEVEL device provided. Remove level device after correct install, snap the inserts provided into the
level hole of each laser module to achieve a clean, smooth look on each module.
4) Each of the Blinder Jammer modules is connected to the single interface via telephone plug in jacks. The installer will need to find
a suitable thru hole in the firewall to route the M25 (2) cables or M45 (4) cables through the firewall. Each cable has a firewall
grommet, permitting you to replace the present firewall grommet with the Blinder Grommet. You may need to drill a 7/16”
(11mm) diameter hole in the firewall. Use the grommet provided on each cable to seal the firewall.
M25 (2 front modules) M45 (3 front modules) M45 (4 front modules)
(1 rear module)