Radio Shack 60-4397 Motorized Toy Car User Manual

Please read this user’s guide before
installing, setting up and using your new product
Thank you for purchasing your Catapult Stunt
RC from RadioShack.
car transmitter
what’s included
Catapult Stunt RC
Spin, jump, drive, and perform many other
stunts in your catapult stunt car! It can reach
speeds of up to 900 feet per minute and has a
spring suspension for softer landing. It comes
in two frequencies, 27 and 49MHz. Check your
box to see which frequency you have. This car
is suitable for children age 8 and above.
in the car
Your car requires one 9.6V battery pack
(not included) for power. We recommend a
RadioShack 1600mAH Ni-MH battery pack.
1. Slide ON/OFF to OFF.
2. Remove the battery compartment cover.
3. Insert a fully charged battery pack, making
sure to connect the car’s socket to the
battery pack socket.
4. Replace the battery compartment cover and
lock it. If your car moves slowly or cannot
jump, replace the battery pack.
in the transmitter
The transmitter requires
one 9V battery (not
included) for power.
1. Slide ON/OFF on the
transmitter to OFF.
2. Remove the battery
compartment cover.
3. Insert a 9V battery.
4. Replace the cover. When the transmitter’s
range decreases, replace its battery.
installing batteries
range decreases, replace its battery.
range decreases, replace its battery.
range decreases, replace its battery.
• Surfaces may become hot and burn if the car gets wet.
Do not use in water or snow.
• Running the car for long time periods generates high
heat levels. Heat causes wear and tear on the motor.
• To keep heat levels down, let the car cool at least 10
minutes before installing new batteries.
• If the motor runs but your car does not respond to the
transmitter, move the transmitter closer to your car and
try again.
• If someone uses a CB nearby, it might interfere with
control of your car. If this happens, move your car
away from the CB. You cannot operate your car
near devices with transmitters that use the same
frequencies (27 MHz or 49 MHz).
• If the car moves slowly and you just installed a fully
charged battery pack, check the wheel mechanisms for
lint, thread, hair, or dust.
• If your car is stopped by another car or object for arond
6 seconds, it won’t respond to the transmitter for about
10 seconds.
• To prevent injury, children and pets should keep a
distance from the car when it is moving at high speeds.
helpful hints
1. Remove the wheel next to the wing you need to
2. Remove the damaged wing and replace it with a
new wing.
3. Replace and secure the wheel.
replacing wings
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