Polaris 400 4X4 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

2002 SCRAMBLER 400 4X4
PN 9917466
IMPORTANT: This is a supplement to your owner’s manual. This information should remain with your owner’s manual at all
Body Style Gen III
Gross Vehicle Weight 845
Fuel Capacity 4 U.S. Gallons
Gearcase Oil 32 Ounces
Engine Oil Capacity 2 Quarts
Front Rack (Maximum -
Accessory (30 Lbs.)
Rear Rack Accessory (60 Lbs.)
Tongue Weight 30 Lbs.
Tow Hitch Accessory
Tow C apacity 850 Lbs.
T urn Radius 60 inches
Ground Clearance 5.5 inches
Height 47 inches
Length 74.5 inches
Seat Height 34 inches
Dry Weight 532 Lbs.
Wheel Base 48.5 inches
Width 45.5 inches
Drive System
Drive System Type PVT
Shift Type Side Lever (F-N-R)
Gear Reduction - Low Not Applicable
Gear Reduction - Reverse 4.36 / 1
Gear Reduction - Foward 2.82 / 1
Front Drive (ratio) 2:1
Final Drive (ratio) 13/36 76P
Center Drive (ratio) Not Applicable
Drive Chain 520 O-ring
Front Tire 23 x 7 - 10
Rear Tire 22 x 11 - 10
Tire Pressure (front) 4 PSI
Tire Pressure (rear) 3 PSI
Suspension and Brakes
Front Susp. - Mac Strut 8.2 inches
Rear Susp. - Progressive
Rate Swing Arm
10.5 inches
Shock Adjustment Thread Adjust
Front Brake Fixed d isc, hydraulic
floating caliper
Rear Brake Hydraulic, opposed
piston caliper , rear axle
fixed disc
Auxiliary Brake Hydraulic, opposed pis-
ton caliper, rear axle,
fixed disc
Park Brake Hydraulic lock all wheel
Engine & Cooling
Engine Model Number EC38PLE-09
Engine Type 2 cycle, single cylinder
Lubrication Oil Injection
Bore x Stroke 83 x 70
Displacement 378
Compression Ratio 6.9:1 Effective
Engine Cooling Liquid
Alternator Output (watts) 150
Carburetion VM34SS
Main Jet 240
Pilot Jet 25
Needle Jet (0-6) 480
Air Screw 1.25
Jet Needle 6CEY6-4
Ignition CDI
Timing 23.5 @ 5000 2
Spark Plug Gap .028 inches / .7 mm
Spark Plug Type NGK BR8ES
Exhaust USFS Approved
IMPORTANT: After the first tank of pre-mixed fuel has been used please verify that the oil level in the oil tank
has dropped, indicating that the oil pump is functioning properly. If the level has not dropped, see your dealer
for oil pump bleeding and repeat the pre-mix procedure.