Murphy AS730 Remote Starter User Manual

AUTOSTART 730 (AS730 series)
The Autostart 730 provides for the fully automatic or manual
control of a standby generator. The unit has similar control
and instrumentation features to the Autostart 710, but with
the addition of 3 phase generator voltage and current
measurement, display and fault tripping.
Key features
Automatic, Manual and Program modes, selected by
front facia push button keys
32 character, back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD)
Fully programmable generator control options, timers,
inputs, outputs and fault protections
Monitoring, display and programmable fault trips for
generator speed/frequency, 3 phase voltage and 3
phase current with IDMT response.
Comprehensive automatic fault protection system:–
up to 5 programmable fault inputs, overspeed, charge
fail, emergency stop, and high and low battery volts
6 programmable outputs, each with over 40 different
function (or ‘action’) types.
Control of the Autostart is via 4 front facia keys:-
ON/MODE Turns on the Autostart and allows selection
of Auto or Manual modes.
PAGE Used to scroll through measured generator
parameters, such as 3 phase voltage
and current, engine oil pressure and
temperature, hours run and battery voltage.
SELECT Used in the programming of Autostart
OFF Turns the Autostart off, disabling the
generator and resetting any fault condition.
These keys are also labelled with
used in the programming of each Autostart (see overleaf).
Two front facia LEDs indicate the selected operating mode:
green for Auto, amber for Manual.
Control Outputs
Dedicated relay outputs are used for engine fuel and starter
motor control. The AS730 has 6 programmable outputs,
each of which may be set up for use as one of over 40
function types, e.g. preheat (4 types), engine running,
individual faults (e.g. overspeed, overcurrent, start fail,
oil pressure, etc.), energised to stop fuel, etc.
Fault Protection and Alarm System
The Autostart 730 has a comprehensive fault detection,
warning and automatic response system:-
Dedicated inputs for low oil pressure and high engine
temperature sensors, either switch or analogue type.
The use of analogue sensors allows for pre-warning as
well as shutdown alarms, and real-time display of oil
pressure and engine temperature.
Three programmable inputs for use with remote fault
switches. The inputs can be set to give a warning only,
generator load release or shutdown response.
User set trip levels and response for generator speed/
frequency, 3 phase voltage and 3 phase current.
The Generator Controls Division of
Issue 4, revised 06/99
Catalogue section 75
Product Specification
Power supply:
Operating voltage: steady state range
crank brown-out
5 – 40 V DC continuous
to 0 V for >=100mS
Current consumption typically 200 mA
DC inputs:-
positive input defined as: 80% to 100% of battery +ve
negative input defined as: –1V to +2V w.r.t. battery –ve
Input 1 (oil pressure) and
Input 2 (engine temperature)
switch (open or closed) or analogue
(Murphy, Datcon, VDO 5 or 7 bar),
wired to –ve DC
Inputs 3 - 5 switch (open or closed),
wired to +ve or –ve DC
Generator AC inputs:-
operating voltage range 90 – 300 V AC rms L–N
gen. frequency measurement range
0 – 99 Hz.
gen. frequency display accuracy <= 2% of full scale
gen. frequency display resolution 1 Hz.
Magnetic pickup:
operating voltage range 7 – 80 V AC rms
frequency measurement range 0 – 10 kHz.
generator RPM display accuracy <= 2% of full scale
generator RPM display resolution 10 RPM
AC current sensing inputs:
operating range designed for use with 5 Amp CT's
primary ratings 10 to 5000 Amps
Outputs: (all ratings for resistive load)
Start and fuel relays SPNO contacts (switched +ve)
rated 16 A max. @ 24 V DC
Programmable outputs 1 – 3 – ve DC (open collector transistor)
250 mA max. @ 33 V DC
Programmable output 4 – ve DC (switched relay)
5 A max. @ 24 V DC
Programmable output 5
(default setting: Common Alarm)
+ ve DC (switched relay)
5 A max. @ 24 V DC
Programmable output 6
(default setting: Gen. Contactor)
volt free SPNO relay
5 A max. @ 240 V AC
Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 144 x 96 x 162 mm
Panel cut-out size (W x H) DIN standard 140 x 92 mm
Weight approx. 720 g
Operating ambient temperature –10 to +55
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