Lincoln 2006 Navigator Automobile User Manual

October 2005
Second Printing
Quick Reference Guide
Lincoln Navigator
Litho in U.S.A.
All information contained in this Lincoln Quick Reference Guide was accurate at
the time of duplication. We reserve the right to change features, operation and /
or functionality of any vehicle specification at any time. Your Lincoln dealer is the
best source for the most current information.
For detailed operating and safety information, please consult your Owner’s Guide.
quick reference guidequick reference guide
Essential Information
CD Press to select CD mode. NO CD
will display if there is not a CD present in
the audio system. If a disc is loaded, there
will be a number (1-6) inside the circle on
the display.
Loading CDs Press to open the CD door,
then load the CD into the player. Press LOAD
and then a preset number to select a slot. Press
and hold LOAD to activate autoload, for
loading up to six CDs.
Scan Function In radio mode, press to
hear a sampling of all listenable stations. In
CD mode, press to hear a brief sampling of all
selections on the current CD / MP3.
Volume / Power Control Push to turn
the audio system on or off. Turn the control to
raise or lower volume. To engage the speed
sensitive volume feature, which automatically
adjusts radio volume to compensate for road
and wind noise, press MENU until SPEED VOL
X appears in the display. Then press SEL to
increase or decrease the volume setting. The
level will appear in the display.
BAND Press BAND to toggle between AM,
FM1 or FM2 frequency band.
SAT (if equipped) – Your Audiophile radio
comes equipped with Satellite ready
capability. The kit to enable Satellite reception
is available through your dealer. Detailed
Satellite instructions are included with the
dealer-installed kit.
Mute Mode Press to mute the playing
media. Press again to return to the
playing media.
AUX Press to toggle between the current
playing media and DVD (if equipped).
Seek Function In radio mode, press to
move to the next listenable station up or
down the band. In CD mode, press to select
the next/previous track on the
current disc.
Disc / Tune / CAT In radio mode, press
to move to the next frequency up or down
the band. In CD mode, press to play the
next / previous CD. CAT is only available
when equipped with Satellite radio. The kit
to enable Satellite reception is available
through your dealer. Detailed Satellite
instructions are included with the
dealer-installed kit.
Folder Press these buttons to access the
next or previous MP3 directory.
Setting Memory Preset Stations
Select AM, FM1, or FM2 band, then select
a station. Next, press and hold a numbered
control until the sound returns.
Fuel Tank Capacity Your vehicle’s fuel tank can accommodate 28 gallons (106 L) of gasoline. Your
vehicle is designed to use "Premium" unleaded gasoline with pump (R+M) / 2 octane rating of 91 for
optimum performance. The use of gasoline with lower octane ratings may degrade performance.
Tire Pressure Your tire pressure is properly set at the dealership according to the recommended
specifications found on the Certification Label located on the front door latch pillar on the driver’s
side. Please check your tire pressure during routine maintenance and seasonal changes. The tire
pressure should also be checked if the Tire Pressure Monitoring System warning indicator
(if equipped) is illuminated. Please see “Additional Features” on reverse side for more information.
Warning: Improperly inflated tires can affect vehicle handling and can fail suddenly, possibly
resulting in loss of vehicle control.
Fuses If electrical components in the vehicle are not working, a fuse may have blown. For more
information about changing a fuse, please consult your Owner’s Guide.
Fuel Pump Shut-Off Switch After a collision, if the engine cranks but does not start, the fuel pump
shut-off switch may have to be reset. The switch is located in the left rear quarter trim panel, near the
liftgate. For complete details on resetting the switch, please consult your Owner’s Guide.
Changing the Tires If you get a flat tire while driving, do not apply the brake heavily. Instead,
gradually decrease your speed. Hold the steering wheel firmly and slowly move to a safe place on
the side of the road. Prior to jacking, hoisting, or towing your vehicle, be sure to turn OFF the
running boards (if equipped) and the air suspension switch.
Location of the Spare Tire and Tools
Item Location
Spare Tire Under the vehicle, just forward of the rear bumper
Jack Tools and Under the access panel, located in the floor
Jacking Instructions compartment behind the rear seat
Roadside Emergencies To fully assist if you should have a vehicle concern, Lincoln offers a
complimentary roadside assistance program. This program is separate from the New Vehicle
Limited Warranty. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the New Vehicle
Limited Warranty period (U.S.) or Basic Warranty period (Canada) of four years or 50,000 miles
(80,000 km). Roadside assistance will cover:
Changing a flat tire
Limited fuel delivery
Lockout assistance
Towing of your vehicle
Roadside Assistance Centers
Country Phone Number
United States (800) 521-4140
Canada (800) 665-2006
For complete details on any roadside assistance concern, consult the Roadside Emergencies section
or the Customer Assistance section in your Owner’s Guide.
To open the optional power liftgate, either push
the overhead console button (figure a), pull the
outside release handle (figure b), or press the LIFT
GATE button on your key fob.
To open the liftgate manually, pull the liftgate handle
(figure b) to release the liftgate from the vehicle.
The power system will take over when you release
the handle.
To close, make certain the rear window is closed,
and then pull down the liftgate a few inches to
activate power closing. Closing the gate rapidly or
more than a few inches may activate the obstacle
detection feature and stop the power system.
To unlatch the liftgate glass, push the button (figure
b) under the center of the license plate lamp shield,
or press the REAR GLASS button on your key fob.
Do not open the liftgate or liftgate glass in a garage
or other enclosed area with a low ceiling.
Folding the Outboard
Seats to a Full-Lowered Floor Position
To fold the seats to a load floor position, lift the
lever (lever 1) located on the outboard side of
the seat to release the seat back. Ensure that
the seat back is locked in the down position by
applying pressure to it. To lower the seat further
to the full-lowered position for maximum cargo
capacity, locate the pull strap at the front of the
seat, then pull forward to release the seat into a
kneel-down load floor position. A moderate
force may be required to move the seat
ward and down.
Exiting the Third Row Seat
Pull up on the lever (lever 2) located at the back of the
second row seat. First, the seat back will fold forward
to the cushion, then the seat will flip forward.
To return the seat to the upright position, push the seat
down and back until it is latched to the floor. Then,
lift up on the lever (lever 1) and lift the seat back to the
upright position.
Folding the 20% Middle Seat (if equipped)
to a Load Floor Position
To fold the seat, pull the release strap located
between the seat cushion and the seat back to
release the folding seat latch. With the latch
released, the seat back can be lowered into the
load floor position.
Before folding the second row seats, ensure that the head restraints are fully lowered and
that all items have been removed from in front of and on the seats.
Entering the Third Row Seat
Pull up on the lever (lever 1) located on the side
of either outboard second row seat until the seat
back folds forward to the cushion. Pull up on the
lever (lever 2) located on the back of the seat. The
seat will then flip forward.
lever 1
figure a
Returning the Seats to the Upright Position
From the Full-Lowered Floor Position
The seat back cannot be returned to the upright position
until the seat is returned from the kneel-down position. To
return the seat to the upright position, lift and pull the seat
rearward until the latch is engaged. Do not attempt to
unlatch the rear floor hooks while the seat is in the
kneel-down position.
With the seat in the flat back position, lift up on the
lever (lever 1) located on the side of the seat cushion.
This will allow the seat back to be lifted to the upright
locked position.
lever 1
lever 2
Audiophile Satellite Compatible AM / FM Stereo In-Dash Six CD / MP3 Radio (if equipped)
Second Row Seats (continued)
Power Liftgate (if equipped)
figure b
pull strap
The above functionality relates to the In-Dash Six CD Radio only. For information relating to the Stereo / Cassette / Single CD Radio, rear seat entertainment DVD
system, or Lincoln Navigation System, please consult your Owner’s Guide.
*CDs with adhesive labels and irregularly shaped CDs may get stuck in the CD player. Homemade CDs should be identified with permanent felt tip marker rather
than adhesive labels.
Second Row Seats