Lathem ATX-GPS GPS Receiver User Manual

ATX-GPS Satellite Synchronizer
Installation & Setup Guide
Lathem’s ATX-GPS is a Global Positioning Satellite receiver that accesses the
accurate date and time signal transmitted each second by 24 satellites in
geosynchronous orbit around the globe.
The package includes an amplified GPS Antenna, which must be mounted
out-doors or beneath a roof sky-light, facing skyward. An integrated cable links
the Antenna to the ATX6.
The ATX-GPS receives its power from the ATX6 so there is no need for a Power
The ATX-GPS package includes the following:
ATX-GPS Satellite Synchronizer
Magnetic Base (Attached)
25’ Cable (Attached)
Antenna Mounting Bracket
2 #10 X 1 ½ Screws
2 #10 Wall Anchors
P-Clip Cable fastener
Installation and Setup Guide
Optional ATX-GPS Accessories:
GPS50X 50’ Extension Cable with In-Line Coupler
GPS100X 100’ Extension Cable with In-Line Coupler
ATX-GPS Specifications:
Size / Weight 3.39” Diameter / 11.7 oz.
Power 6 to 40 Vdc unregulated, 100mA @ 6Vdc, 65mA @
12Vdc,28mA @ 40 Vdc