Kenwood KVS-60 Automobile Electronics User Manual

Your Kenwood KVS speakers were
designed to meet the demands of
today’s high-quality film soundtracks.
Your new speakers:
Deliver wide dynamic range
Sonically match other speakers
in the KVS series
Feature quality-built acoustically-
optimized enclosures
Were designed, engineered, and
assembled in the USA.
Installing the speakers isn’t difficult,
but please read and follow all of the
instructions in this manual to get
maximum performance from your
new speakers. And be sure to read
the manual for the receiver, power
amplifier, or pre-amplifier to which
you’re connecting these speakers.
Unpack your new speakers carefully
and examine them for shipping
damage. If they are damaged or fail
to operate, notify your dealer imme-
diately. If your speakers were
shipped to you directly, notify the
shipping company without delay.
Only the person or company who
originally received the unit can file a
claim against the carrier for shipping
damage. Keep the original carton
and packing materials in case you
need to transport or ship your
In this box
This box should contain either:
KVS-50 Center Speaker (1)
KVS-60 Surround Speakers (2)
If you bought the KVS-5060
Center/Surround Speaker Package,
you should receive 2 boxes with all
3 speakers.
About speaker wire
We ask you to buy the wire sepa-
rately, since we don’t know how
much wire you will need. We
suggest that you buy wire that is at
least 18-gauge or thicker.
Remember, the smaller the number,
the thicker the wire, so 18 gauge
wire is thicker than 20 gauge wire.
Before you run out to buy speaker
wire, read the ‘Placing the speakers’
section. You’ll need to know where
your speakers will go to determine
how much wire to buy.
For your records
Record the serial number (it’s on
the back of the speaker) on the
warranty card, and in the space
below. If you need to call your
dealer for information or service,
you’ll need these numbers. And be
sure to save your original receipt.
Serial Number
Serial Numbers
Setting up your
KVS Speakers
KVS-50 Center Speaker
KVS-60 Surround Speakers