Harbor Freight Tools 95541 Automobile Accessories User Manual

Item 95541 For technical questions, please call 1-888-866-5797 PAGE 5
To Attach The Hook Plate:
Align the two 3/8” diameter mounting holes in the Hook Plate (18) with the two
mounting holes in the Base (14). Then secure the Hook Plate to the Base using
two Bolts (20), two Washers (19) and two Nuts (17). (See Assy. Diagram.)
1. Wear eye protection. Wear ANSI-approved safety impact goggles when
using this product. Also, wear heavy duty work gloves.
2. WARNING! NEVER attempt to exceed the maximum load capacity of
the Hand Winch (900 pounds). Do not use this Hand Winch if there is any
doubt as to the actual weight of the load being moved.
3. To pull out the Strap (21), raise the Lever on the Handle Assembly (11). Then,
disengage the Pawl (6) on the Hand Winch by pushing the Pawl down to its
horizontal position. (See Figures A and B.)
4. Hook the curved portion of the Hook Plate (18) onto a vehicle bumper or other
stable, stationary object capable of supporting the weight of the load to be
winched. (See Figure B.)
5. Pull out the length of Strap (21) needed to attach the Hook of the Strap to the
load being winched. IMPORTANT: Always leave at least four turns of Strap
on the Drum Assembly (16) of the Hand Winch to prevent pulling the Strap
completely out of the Winch.
6. Attach the Hook of the Strap (21) securely to the load being winched.