Garrett Metal Detectors 1605700 Radar Detector User Manual

Garrett Metal Detectors is the only manufacturer to
offer an advanced training course in metal detection
checkpoint screening. Now, you can learn from the
industry’s leading team of metal detection experts.
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of Metal
Crime Scene
GARRETT: The Global Leader of Security Metal Detectors and Checkpoint Screening
Ground Search Metal Detectors
Ground Search Metal Detectors
For more than 40 years, Garrett Metal Detectors has engineered the
most extensive line of ground search metal detectors. These detectors
can be used in virtually every environment on land and under water to
investigate crime scenes, locate hidden metallic weapons, nd missing
evidence and recover stolen property.
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Crime Scene Investigation
Stadiums / Arenas
Public and Private Buildings
Historical Landmarks
Correctional Facilities
Sporting Events
Transportation Terminals
Nuclear Facilities
Public Events
Underwater (Sea Hunter only)
Amusement Parks