Garmin 01102291 GPS Receiver User Manual

Important Safety and Product Information
Failure to avoid the following potentially
hazardous situations could result in an
accident or collision resulting in death or
serious injury.
When installing the device in a vehicle, place
the device securely so it does not obstruct
the driver’s view of the road or interfere with
vehicle operating controls, such as the steering
wheel, foot pedals, or transmission levers. Do
not place in front of or above any airbag. (See
When navigating, carefully compare
information displayed on the device to all
available navigation sources, including
information from street signs, visual sightings,
and maps. For safety, always resolve any
discrepancies or questions before continuing
navigation and defer to posted road signs.
Do not mount where driver’s
eld of vision is blocked.
Do not place unsecured on the
vehicle dashboard.
Do not mount in front of an airbag eld of deployment.
Always operate the vehicle in a safe manner.
Do not become distracted by the device
while driving, and always be fully aware of
all driving conditions. Minimize the amount
of time spent viewing the device’s screen
while driving and use voice prompts when
possible. Do not input destinations, change
settings, or access any functions requiring
prolonged use of the device’s controls while
driving. Pull over in a safe and legal manner
before attempting such operations.
The device is designed to provide route
suggestions. It is not designed to replace the
need for driver attentiveness regarding road
closures or road conditions, trafc congestion,
weather conditions, or other factors that may
affect safety while driving.
nüvi 1690 (Model 01102291) Important Safety and Product Information