Escort 8500ci Radar Detector User Manual

Important Notes
For the easiest trouble-free
installation, install the Interface first,
and wire it to a 12-volt switched circuit.
Then before installing the other
components, plug all of them into the
Interface and power up the unit to
confirm proper operation.
To get the best possible performance,
the mounting location of the radar/
laser receiver is critical. Although radar
signals will pass through some types of
specialists and many car dealers can
install your 8500ci Plus for you.
2 Attempting to install this product
without expertise in automotive
electronics installation can cause
personal injury or damage to your
3 If your vehicle is damaged during
installation, its safety systems may be
compromised, which could cause
personal injury or property damage.
4 Improper installation may also void
PASSPORT’s warranty.
Front Radar/Laser Receiver
• Miniature weather-proof Radar/Laser
• Universal mounting bracket with
stainless steel hardware
• Built-in 16 ft. shielded cable with
water proof connector
• 12 nylon wire ties (“zip ties”) to
secure cable
• Weatherproof, magnetically mounted
GPS Antenna
• 30 ft. cable with modular connector
• Interior windshield mounting
bracket (optional accessory)
USB Data Cable
• Provides access to software updates
via the Internet
• Central module connects to
switched 12-volt power and ground
• All components plug directly into
• 3M connector taps into existing
vehicle wiring
• Accepts standard 3.5mm mono
Miniature Display Controller
• Mounts easily to instrument pod,
dashboard or console
• Optional hidden display included
• 3M connector taps into existing
vehicle wiring
• Comprehensive Owner’s Manual
• Installation Manual
Concealed LED Alert Display
• Indicator is solid green when unit is
powered and flashes red during an
• 6 ft. cable with modular connector
• Bezel provided mounts easily to
instrument pod, dashboard, or
Built-in Diagnostics
• Confirms all components are
Built-in Diagnostics
• Fully compatible with ESCORT Laser
Shifters and Bluetooth Kit (optional,
both sold separately)
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Installation Instructions
While following the steps throughout
this manual, please refer to the
following recommendations for a
professional, trouble free installation.
• The best location for the radar
receiver is typically under the bumper
or inside the front grill of the vehicle.
For the best radar performance, install
the receiver horizontally, with a clear
view of the road.
• Entry points to the interior of the
vehicle may be located behind the
plastic liner in the wheel well, fuse
box, or unused grommets.
• There are often many existing entry
points at the rear of the vehicle as well,
including gaskets behind license plates,
around illumination lamps, and near
trunk lid hinges. Taillight wiring gaskets
are often easily accessible and large
enough to accommodate cables.
• If there are no suitable openings, it
will be necessary to drill a hole
through the firewall:
1 Thoroughly investigate all locations
before drilling any holes. Ensure no
wires, hoses, or other vehicle
components will be damaged.
2 On vehicles with automatic
transmissions, there is often a location
for mounting a clutch pedal. This is
typically an ideal location to drill.
3 Before drilling, cover the surface
being drilled with masking tape to
prevent damage to the anticorrosion
coating in the event the drill bit slips.
4 Drill a 13/32” or 7/16” hole. • When
pulling the in-line grommet to the
entry point, apply rubbing alcohol to a
section of the cable to reduce friction
and quickly pull the grommet along
the length.
• The cables of units mounted at the
rear of the vehicle can generally be
routed through the trunk
compartment and concealed under
trim panels quite easily. If necessary,
the cables can also be routed under the
vehicle and through an opening in the
firewall. Be sure to secure cables away
from moving parts and hot surfaces.
• A quality crimper for modular
connectors can be used to cut cables
to length and replace the connector.
Removing the connectors may also
make it easier to enter the vehicle’s
interior through existing openings.
Important Notes:
• Only an exact replacement for the
standard connector can be used. Do
not attempt to cut the wires unless the
proper connector and crimping tools
are available.
• Connectors cannot be reused.
• Do not cut the cable too short.
Provide enough cable to route to the
interface and add a couple extra feet to
ease installation.
• Install the new connector such that
its locking tab is on the same side as
the color coded stripe on the cable.
• Do not attempt to cut the cable and
splice the wires together on the
vehicle’s exterior.
• When drilling or cutting interior trim
panels (for instance, when installing
the concealed alert indicator), first
cover the surface of the panel with
masking tape to prevent accidental
Be sure to avoid all air bags.
Read This First
Please read both sides of these
instructions before starting your
Important Installation Warnings
1 It is recommended that you have a
professional install your new 8500ci
Plus. Installation of this system requires
experience and expertise in automotive
electronics. If you are unfamiliar with
automotive electronics, car audio
Performance Warning
plastic, laser signals will not. For this
reason, the receiver must have a clear
view of the road to work properly.
Installation Manual
C U S T O M - I N S T A L L E D P R O T E C T I O N
PASSPORT 8500ci Plus Comes Complete