Emerson Process Management 00809-0700-4530 Radar Detector User Manual

Reference Manual
00809-0700-4530, Rev AA
Appendix A: Checklists
September 2013
A.2 Checklists
A.2.1 Commissioning procedure
Step Task Completed
1 System readiness is confirmed (Rosemount 5300 and 5400 Series only)
a. HART revision capability is checked
b. The latest Device Driver is downloaded
c. HART revision mode is switched (if the HART configuration tool is not
capable of communicating with the HART Revision 7 protocol)
2 The transmitter head and probe/antenna are mounted as written in the respective Quick
Installation Guide (QIG)
3 Wiring is connected as written in the QIG
a. Wiring and power supply requirements are according to the approval
b. A conditioned power supply and terminating resistors are available (for
Foundation fieldbus devices)
c. Shielded twisted pair wiring is used
d. Grounding is completed according to the Hazardous Locations Certifications,
national and local electrical codes
4 Transmitter is connected as written in the QIG
5 Transmitter is configured as written in the QIG